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WITS Logger

by Erdos Miller
Price $300.00

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- Receive WITS information and save it to an excel sheet or text file.

With the EM WITS Logger you can easily log WITS data on any Windows PC. Pick a serial port, start the WITS logger, and your data will immediately start streaming to a file on your hard drive.

- Easy to Read File Format

The file format is easy to read, displaying decoded WITS values instead of cryptic WITS codes.

- Coordinate to Universal Time

You can choose to save your data in either local time, or UTC time.

- Interact with “Send on Request” WITS Systems. (Such as the Pason EDR!)

The WITS logger will send a “query” packet at a regular interval to ensure information from “send on request” systems stays up to date.

- Easily Start, Pause, and Stop Logging

Logging control is at your fingertips. You can control exactly when data is being saved.

- Multiple Logging Rates

Choose to save every WITS packet received, or save the latest data at intervals of 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, or every 1 minute.

- View Streaming WITS Information

- The WITS Data table allows you to monitor all incoming WITS information, in real time.



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