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WITS Library

by Erdos Miller
Price $500.00

- Send and Receive WITS information in LabVIEW

Leveraging field experience, EM has created a field-proven WITS Library capable of talking to modern day WITS systems. This library is now the foundation of our WITS Simulator.

- Create Custom Packets

Easily create your own custom WITS packets with the included VI's. Send only the information you need to!

- Quickly Decode WITS Packets

The included VI's allow you to quickly reference a WITS ID to its variable name. Don’t spend any time guessing what each WITS ID means.

- Full Examples Included

Get started quickly with included examples. Pair the EM WITS Simulator with the example VI's to be talking WITS in minutes, not days.

- Easy Install with VI Package Manager

Easy install with the VI package manager. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the VIPM, you can easily install the Erdos Miller WITS Library in one click.

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