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LabVIEW Consulting One Hour (Certified LabVIEW Architect)

by Erdos Miller
Price $225.00
Get remote help from one of our LabVIEW experts asap! Our certified LabVIEW architects are available remotely to help you tackle that frustrating LabVIEW problem!
This is perfect if you need a LabVIEW expert to:
  • Review your code
  • Give you some insight into your problem
  • Give you recommendations on NI platform issues
  • Write a tiny bit of code
  • Provide you a brief tutorial or training session

We strive to get to you within the same business day, if not definitely within 24 hours. In order to expedite our ability to help you, please have the following information ready when our project manager contacts you:

  • Project problem description and technical outline
  • Technical lead contact information:
    • Company name
    • Contact name
    • Phone number
    • Email address
    • Physical address

By purchasing this block of time, you agree to the Erdos Miller Standard Terms. Though sales tax is usually not applicable to this service, in some situations, sales tax must be added.

Please note that this service is only offered remotely. We recommend using TeamViewer ( to allow us to connect to your remote machine. Please ensure that your company permits outside contracts remote access to a machine under your supervision.

Please note that we operate in the CST time zone. If you're far outside of our time zone we'll try to give you a hand but it may take a little longer to organize.

Please note that at this time this service is only offered in English.

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