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Gamma Calibration Interface

by Erdos Miller
Price $6,250.00

The Erdos Miller Gamma Calibration Interface (GCI) allows for quick, accurate calibration of gamma tools and quality assurance with thermal testing.


  • Saves time and money - simplified and automated gamma probe calibration
  • Wizard-assisted probe centering - helps you quickly and accurately find gamma probe center
  • Reduces mistakes & increases consistency - timing and gamma counts are tracked and logged automatically
  • Traceability - with automatic report generation. Keep track of serial numbers, dates, times, and personnel performing calibration
  • Quick go/no go check - User-adjustable calibration ratio pass/fail quickly alerts your team team if a unit needs to be sent off for repair


  • Rugged, small form factor housing with multiple inputs
  • Compatibility with standard gamma cables
  • Custom calibration report generation
  • Automatically updating software
  • Support for user credentials and access control for administrators and technicians

The easy to use software supports automatic gamma calibration in as little as 8 minutes, and can also create and maintain a database of the calibration data relating to each tool. The GCI can be used with an existing calibrated radiation source, or, you can purchase a calibrated radiation source directly from us.

With this tool, gamma readings can be taken from the gamma tool alone, or from the full tool string. With an additional cable, you can verify the gamma readings from your MPU. The thermal testing features of the GCI allow you to assure the quality and down-hole thermal performance of multiple gamma tools at once.

Gamma Calibration Interface Brochure

View a demonstration of the GCI below:


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