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Downhole Electronics Prototyping Chassis

by Erdos Miller
Price $1,200.00

Quickly deploy your MWD prototype and production electronics in a professionally made, field proven downhole chassis.

The Erdos Miller Downhole Electronics Prototyping Chassis is an off-the-shelf chassis that can be used for prototyping and production of downhole electronics.

  • Versatility –
    • Multiple sets of mounting holes are added to this chassis to allow for board expansion and extension.
    • Extra board space allows room for multiple forms of board packaging (Sylgard, Ulti-Pak, etc.).
    • The Lap Joint option is the standard for downhole electronics chassis.
    • The Pup Joint is another option that gives you security with its design for larger screws that give the chassis a higher shear strength. In addition, the press fit pins are used for locating as well as stress loading.
  • Time and Money Saving –
    • A spacious harness channel allows extra space to house excess wiring or potting so that the wires are hidden inside giving the chassis the ability to take on a pre-wired board without the need for on-chassis soldering. This removes an additional process to overall assembly, allowing you to buy a pre-wired board from a single vendor, lowering overall costs.
    • This chassis prototype allows your team to customize for any length and any style of connection joint. 

Overall, the Erdos Miller Downhole Electronics Prototyping Chassis is a more cost efficient option for housing your downhole drilling electronics and allows you to quickly prototype your application down-hole.

Detailed drawings are available upon request.

The "Lap-Joint" chassis is available immediately.

The "Pup-Joint" variant current has a 3-4 weeks lead time.

Custom versions will additionally have a 3-4 week lead time. For a custom build there will be a minimum quantity.

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