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Arduino 4-20mA Shield

by Erdos Miller
Price $125.00

Erdos Miller 4-20mA Shield for Arduino

NEW - Version 1.5 Available
EM presents a new option for taking 4-20mA measurements with the Arduino. Our shield allows you to interface with up to four 4-20mA sensors for precise measurement. Use the on-board Arduino ADCs or the external 16-bit ADC from Texas instruments (ADS1115). These shields have been used in our consulting practice for years and now we're ready to make them available to the public.


  • Four 4-20mA shield inputs. (2-wire, 3-wire, 4-wire compatible)
  • Buffered ADC inputs
  • High resolution (16-bit) external ADC with internal reference
  • Also works with the built in Arduino ADCs (10-bit)
  • 11-14-bit (software selectable resolution) temperature sensor (LM73)
  • On-board switching regulator to allow the Arduino to be powered from 10-36V
  • Use the shield in a "pass-thru" configuration or as a 4-20mA sensor endpoints
  • Example code is included to get you up and running quickly! (link below)
  • NEW - Configurable amplifier gain for both 3.3V or 5.0V Arduinos
  • NEW - User-adjustable bandwidth low-pass filter. Just solder through-hole capacitors of your choice
  • NEW - User-configurable regulator output (5V or 3.3V)

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