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Electronics Development

We develop custom embedded electronics for our clients. We’ve developed embedded mixed signal controllers, high speed data acquisition systems, and hand-held devices that run high-level operations systems (WinCE, embedded Linux) We have experience designing boards for the Oil & Gas industry's “down-hole” requirements of high temperature and high vibration. We use Eagle and Altium Designer to design our electronics.

LabVIEW Development

Erdos Miller has certified LabVIEW developers on staff to move your projects forward. We have experience developing LabVIEW applications that integrate with a medley of different systems and instruments. We've developed applications with NI's cRIO platform, PXI, and cDAQ. We're happy to work with you on your LabVIEW project, large or small. We've worked on plenty of projects that took just days and others that that took months and involved multiple developers.

GTech/Fenco Centrifuge TrailerCheck out the automation we built for GTech/Fenco's new centrifuge trailers!

Software Development

We offer software development in C, Python, C# and LabVIEW. We also use other languages such as lisp, scala, clojure and F#. We have experience developing desktop applications, desktop-driven applications and numerical exploration applications. We have experience developing embedded C# applications for Windows CE.

Industrial Design

A solid electronics package needs a solid enclosure. Whether it be a hand-held form factor or something more industrial, we can design it. We’re big fans of SolidWorks.

Filter and Control Design

We have experience developing advanced controls and digital filters for our clients. We’ve deployed advanced Kalman filters in a variety of situations for our clients.

Temperature Testing

We have an array of best-in-class Despatch ovens and a team of electronics and LabVIEW engineers that can help you meet your temperature reliability goals. We can work with you to design test fixtures, data acquisition software, and provide the facilities and know-how to test your boards at temperature.

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