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Who we're looking for:

We're a fast growing engineering company seeking extremely talented mechanical, electrical and software engineers to design tomorrow’s next-generation oil-field products. You must have experience designing and building solutions, and be able to do so in about half the time that most people think is possible. Excellent communication skills are required, and you must be able to work on your own, without traditional corporate management. Degrees are great, but we’ll be primarily concerned about your experience.

Expect talented, motivated, intense and interesting co-workers in a work environment that will always feel like a start-up. You’ll work on teams as well as run your own projects. Expect to build things that matter, and will be used every day by real people. Expect to sharpen your design skills on new, fun, and challenging projects. Must be willing to relocate to the Houston area.

Send your resume and cover letter to Kenneth Miller:

Electrical Engineers are expected to:

·        Be able to envision and design complex micro-controlled based PCBs

·        A strong understanding of analog circuits and theory

·        Knowledge of a microcontroller architectures and assemblers

·        Ability to write complex firmware and drivers to bring your designs to life

·        Optional: Knowledge and use of real-time operating systems

Mechanical Engineers are expected to:

·        Be able to envision and design complex mechanical drilling components

·        Be able to design, model and simulate in modern CAD software

·        Prepare documentation and drawings for manufacturing

·        Direct and coordinate manufacturing in the production of prototypes, assemblies and products

·        Develop experimental test programs as required

Software Engineers are expected to:

·        Be able to design complex software solutions; platform should not be an issue

·        Deep knowledge of multiple programming languages, run-times, and libraries

·        Use version control, test driven development, and other best practices

·        Have a good grasp of basic data structures and other computer science fundamentals

·        Optional: Knowledge of embedded systems, embedded firmware development, and Linux

Everyone is expected to have a solid understanding of computers, operating systems, office programs, and other general knowledge.

Electronics Challenge

We have a special challenge posted for our electrical/electronics engineering applicants. We’d love to receive your solution and your resume.

The Challenge

The suggested Eagle library of parts can be downloaded here.

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