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Centrifuge Trailer Automation

Centrifuge Trailer Automation Erdos Miller's work with GTech and Fenco to build a state of the art drilling mud filtering system mounted on an 18-wheeler trailer. Scroll down to check out a video of the trailer in action! Traditionally, drilling mud is shipped off-site in large containers for filtering and reclamation. However, this can take quite a bit of time and the shipping costs are compounded per container. Fenco's plan is to bring the processing facility to the drilling mud containers at the rig site. They conceived an 18-wheeler trailer equipped with the centrifuges and other equipment required to do..  - Read More

An Introduction to WITS

  An Introduction to WITS Kenneth Miller Partner – Engineer Erdos Miller 1-888-337-0869 x700 What is WITS? I get quite a few emails from people asking simple questions about WITS, so I thought it was time to write a simple introduction. WITS stands for “Wellsite Information Transfer Specification” and it’s a specification, however loose it may be, that allows for data transmission between Oil and Gas digital systems. Even though this specification has been succeeded, a lot of rigs and other oilfield equipment still use it. I personally enjoy it for it’s simplicity. Want to get started quick? Erdos..  - Read More

Integrating LabVIEW and C# 1

Integrating LabVIEW and C# Hello! This article is intended to go over the very basics of integrating C# with LabVIEW. In this article we’ll go over creating a very basic C# class, compiling a DLL, and accessing that class from LabVIEW. We’ll be using Visual Studio 2010 and LabVIEW 2010 on Windows 7. You can access all of the code for LabVIEW and Visual Studio in the following GitHub repository: Creating a DLL in Visual Studio Open Visual Studio 2010 and create a new project. We want a Visual C# Console Application (or class library.) Open Visual Studio Project Selection..  - Read More

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